Day 6 –April 11, 2014

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A very long and productive day!

Busy day today!!!  Erected the swing set at The Light of the Valley school just outside of Quimistan.  Traveled back up the mountain to complete the screens on the school at Arena Blanca.  Yes…Completed!!!!  Distributed glasses to the children, which was a hit!  The biggest, and brightest smiles you have ever seen.  A lot of hugs given, and a tears were shed as we left.  Surly the presence of the Lord is in this place.  Then to the Tejeras, to feed the children.  I don’t mind telling you that this truly tugged on my heart.  To see these children walking to get food by themselves, on this very dangerous road without parental supervision.  And looking into their big, eyes and beautiful faces, as food was given to them.  Just really hit hard!!  Especially when all the food was given out, or so I thought.  I looked up and a little head peered around the door.  I approached her and gestured, asking if she had eaten.  She shook her head no.  She was then verbally asked in Spanish, and she confirmed she had gotten there to late.  We quickly scraped a bowl of food and a glass of juice. Just enough. God was definitely in this place!!!!  The roof to the building is to be completed tomorrow.  This is the place where the picnic benches are to be delivered, and these will greatly enhance this program.  Ate at a local restaurant, played soccer with some of  the AP kids.  Then ended the night watching a movie with all the AP kids!  A great day was had by all!!!