Day 6-“We fly high!”

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Today Melanie went off to visit some people while the rest of the group went to Copan. The drive there was the scariest one we have had. We went over many bumps, and Abby hit her head a lot. Once there we bought out tickets and met our guide Tony. We were very impressed that our guide could speak 5 languages, having lived in Honduras all his life. We visited the Mayan ruins, and then went in the tunnels. The tunnels were actually not made by the Mayans, but by archeologists.
After touring the ruins we went to lunch. Then we went souvenir shopping. There were little kids trying to sell dolls to us. Anna bought one because the little kid was so cute. He got 20 lempira (approximately $1) for it. When he walked away, he was smiling really big then started jumping up and down happily. This is an example of how appreciative the people in Honduras are. Anna felt good that she helped the little boy and his family.  Giving is more blessed than receiving!
We arrived back at the compound for a dinner of beef and fried plantains. Then we walked downtown for ice cream. Rafael tagged along with us. We had an adventurous motor taxi experience on the way back. The adults rode together in Juan Pedro’s taxi and the girls and Rafael rode in Carlos’s taxi. The driver was not used to people from the United States looking as old as they are because he thought Abby, 14, was 25!  
Group picture minus Melanie at the ruins

Abby, Anna, and Annie with Tony

Abby, Anna, Carlos, Annie, Juan Pedro

Anna, Rafael, and Abby walking to get ice cream
Annie, Anna, and Abby at lunch

Abby& Anna 

Blog from Melanie
My day in Quimistan was busy and blessed.  What a joy to visit old friends!  Tony who lives here on Miss Martha’s ranch was my translator.  Those who have been on previous trips will remember some of these friends.  On the way to visit Alexis we met Ernestina walking up the street.  Her smile is just the same. Her father who is 98 lives with her.  Found that Alexis is living with her mother, so Ernestina got in the motortaxi to show us the way.  Alexis looked better!  Cecilia and Kenia are in first grade!  Since they were in school (praise the Lord) I returned to visit the girls in the afternoon.  Several times during the day, I stopped the motortaxi driver so a little handmade dress or beans and rice could be given to a family in need.  Tony and I had a delicious lunch at Shirley’s.  Shirley was there with her baby.  Visited with Jenny Suyapa and a compassion child, Wendy  Sanchez.  Spent some free time talking with Sandra and Gloria.  Then happened to meet Americus with her 3 sisters who were visiting Martha.  Seeing God’s love through old friends: a wonderful way to spend the day.  Thank you Lord for Your many blessings!
Alexis with her girls

Shirley with her baby and dad

Melanie with Ernestina

My new dress!