Day 7–Wrap Up and Move On

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This phase of our mission trip is coming to an end.  Tomorrow Joshua returns home to school, Gail comes to join us, and we move to a different location near Santa Clara, where we will spend the next few days before the rest of us all return home.  We probably will not have internet access for the remaining phase of our mission, so this may be our blog swan song for MT-4.

This past week we have renewed old relationships and established some new ones.  We’ve marveled at the continued growth of students–both physically and spiritually–in all the locations we visited.  We’ve continued health and hygiene efforts.  We’ve had fun.  And we have simply been available to do and be whatever God has in store for us.

Today we took advantage of some morning cool (Hah!) by visiting the building site of Tranquilidad Casa de Niños, which one of our translators had asked us to visit.  He is supervising construction of a security fence around the property and he asked that we take photos back home with us.

While we got back and were tidying up to leave tomorrow morning, Karen spotted an iguana on the porch.  Unfortunately, he was eager to leave and we missed getting a picture.  But that was our first experience of that type.  Maybe he is here in anticipation of swarms of grasshoppers like what we saw yesterday devouring lots of greenery in Santa Clara.

 Albania Garcia was able to come for a visit with us after lunch.  We had an enjoyable time talking with her about her progress in the university courses she began this year.  That completed our contacts with all four university students receiving financial assistance from HAF donors.

We were able to assist distribution of food at Tejeras the third time this week.  Here we see Kristen in action–she has been behind the camera most of the week, so this was an opportunity for her to serve in a different way.

As always, these kids are hungry, but we invariably see the older ones caring for the younger ones ahead of themselves.

The final wrap-up for this phase of our mission trip comes at the Good Friday service at Iglesia La Cosecha (the church of the Harvest) this evening, which will be an appropriate close to a week of service for our Lord.