Day 9- Buenas Noches

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This morning we woke up and had breakfast. Abby requested flour tortillas so that was part of our breakfast. We then left to go to Martha’s Sunday school. After listening to Martha teach, we helped hand out lunch to the children. When they all finished their lunch, we played with them. Jeff played soccer with them, and Abby and Anna had children fighting over holding their hands. They all wanted some attention from the visitors. Then we all played 3 different Spanish games, which the teacher taught us. We are all sad we won’t be there again next week to see the new friends we made.We went back to the compound for a quick lunch of spaghetti before going to the AGAPE Promise Sunday school. There we served a snack to the children and went into the courtyard and played with them. We left to go to Tijeras. Once there we delivered a ball to Kevin, a little boy who was badly burned while collecting bottles at the dump. Abby and Anna stayed and played with Kevin and his brothers, while Daniel and Jeff went to deliver beans and rice. On the way back to the compound, we delivered books to the hospital in Quimistan. Daniel stopped and bought us popsicles. We had a dinner of beef and fried plantains before heading out to the AGAPE Church. As the service was ending the power went out, but the Pastor continued on with his prayer.It was a different experience than back home!

Rixie and other girls praying at Martha’s Sunday School class.

Karen singing at the AGAPE Church.

Nellie’s daughter Jenny with a homemade dress from St. John’s.

AP student Kandy is proud of her new dress from her sponsor.

Kevin with his new book and ball!