Day two (Milpa Arada)

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After devotions and a pancake breakfast the team (Mandy, Tommy, and Alan) with the great assistance of one of our AP Teachers (Ana) and outstanding AP student (Marleni, a 10th grader), our translator Stanley along with our Honduran Administrator Maynor loaded our busito for our journey to Milpa Arada.  Upon arrival, the students were just starting their morning break and snack.   
We enjoyed the children about as much as they enjoyed watching us set up for the morning’s hygiene clinic. Some 120 children paraded from station to station (hand washing, de-worming, tooth brushing, and fluoride treatment.  The children willingly went from station to station with a smile on their face.  They were rewarded with a new tooth brush and a tube of tooth paste.  
As a side note, the team was most impressed how the three teachers covered six grades and apparently had all the children in the palm of their hands.  We were also impressed how the older ones (5th and 6th grade) looked after the younger ones.  The children willingly and quickly swept and mopped the three room school building prior to dismissal for the day.
When classrooms were cleaned we took over the 5th and 6th grade class to set up a vision care clinic.  We examined 92 patients and fitted 50 pair of reading glasses plus 42 pair of distance glasses and at least 50 pair of sunglasses.  It is so gratifying to observe folks being able to see clearly in the distance and to be able to read without squinting or holding a book at arm’s length. 
Upon returning to the beautiful and peaceful Celia Delfina Village we relaxed, reflected, sorted our hundreds of pictures and wrote the daily bog.  After dinner we will restock our supplies for tomorrow’s journey to El Venado.