Delivering VBS in Banderas

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This is a one room school (1st through 6th grade) in Banderas where we did our activities today:  Vacation Bible School, eyeglasses, hand washing, deworming, tooth brushing, and fluoride treatment.  Note that HAF provided electricity to the school several years ago. 

The children are listening intently to the lesson.

Stanley is helping out.

The relay races.

The art activity—-coloring the “Fruits of the Spirit” tree.

One young child is enjoying some of the items in her “take home bag”. 

Tonight at dinner, a birthday celebration for Maynor was enjoyed by all, including his wife Jessy. 
Special moments: Seeing the happiness on the faces of the folks when we were finally able to fit them with the correct glasses, watching the children enjoy the activities,  and attendance of many mothers and their interest in what their children were doing.  It appeared to be an entire town function.  We thought we might possibly have 40 children attend, but had over 60. We were tired, but VERY gratified when it was all done!!