Dental Health….a priority for this week.

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This little one, two months old, is completely unaware of the turmoil here in Honduras. Although, it is quite safe here in Quimistan to date. The highways were blocked yesterday and today between San Pedro Sula and here and properly elsewhere too. There was a police road block late yesterday afternoon on the highway as you enter/exit Q town….fortunately, I was going the other way…and kept on going.

Yesterday morning, we visited the Fransico Brogan Escuela, the local elementary school in Quimistan for fluoride treatments….800 children grades 1-6. Praise the Lord, the teachers were ready for us and had the classes organized to come out for their fluoride treatment. We were able to do grades 1-4, 600 children and will return today for grades 5 and 6.

The children were very interested in what we were doing and acting goofy when the camera came out.

Demo again…how many times has Maynor said the same thing????

30 seconds can seem like a long time:)

An action photo that needs no words!

Recess time on the monkey bars….which HAF provided in 2002-3. It is good to see them still in use….unfortunately, the swing sets are not….I plan to investigate how to get them repaired if possible.

Maynor, Dulce (the translator) and a mom who volunteered to help await the next class.

And, yes, we are weary of the word “escupe”……and making sure our feet are no where near:) But are hopeful, these treatments will make a positive difference in the dental health of these children….and to God be the glory!