Dental Update

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On the way to the dental clinic about 7:45 a.m. for , we ran into some “Quimistan rush hour” traffic. 

Once at the hospital, the dentists maintained their rapid pace today by adding about 20 to the growing list of patients served, bringing the total to about 50 thus far, with one more day to go.  Below are a few of the highlights of the day.
Say, “Ahhhhhhh”.
Look Ma, no cavities!
This will hurt me more than it does you. (And it does!)
After this shot, this 8-year-old had 4 extractions and 1 filling.
One pulling and 3 pulling for her.
Even greater than the dentist’s technical skill, used here under less than ideal conditions, is the compassion with which it is performed.  When the kids cry, we all cry a little, even when we know it is for the best.  So it is with God in our lives.  Sometimes we wonder why He allows bad things to happen, or does not seem to be listening to our prayers.  But we must trust that God’s Plan is in our own best interest, and that it will be accomplished on His own time schedule, and not ours.