We are a 501-3c non-profit organization dedicated to sharing God’s love

and supporting our sisters and brother in Honduras

Dr. Laura – Former AP student and now a dentist in Honduras.

Laura Garcia began her association with Honduras Agape several years ago as a  very young student in the Agape Promise program.  Agape Promise is an education and Christian youth support program for needy children in Honduras.

After several years in the program, she graduated from high school and continued her studies in university and dental school.  In 2017 she completed dental school and received her doctorate in dentistry.  In 2018 she completed her one year of mandatory dental service for the government.  She is now working as a dentist in the Quimistan area.

Dr. Laura recently volunteered to clean the teeth of all the current Agape Promise students.  Once she finishes the cleanings, she will then provide the necessary dental treatments for the students.

THANK YOU DR. LAURA for all that you are doing to help current needy children in Honduras!


Constantino Rivera

Constantino Rivera, affectionately known as Dr. Tino, leads our medical outreach efforts in Honduras. A native Honduran, Dr. Tino lives in San Pedro Sula with his wife and three children who he considers a blessing from God.

His university studies were done at the Autonomous University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa followed by social service with the Ministry of Public Health of Honduras. For the last 15 years, Dr. Tino has been working in rural areas, serving the neediest population who do not have access to health services.

For the Foundation, Dr. Tino has led our medical outreach efforts heading medical teams to remote villages, training local midwives to become the first line of health services, and providing a variety of training chats on such subjects as: personal hygiene, breast self-examination, the importance of Pap tests, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, AIDS, and others. These lectures are tailored to both the adult population and to the teenagers. Five community First Aid Kits were distributed to our HAF-trained Community Health Care workers who are the 1st line of medical care in these remote mountaintop villages.