Deworming and Diagnosing 7/16

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This morning, Sam, Karen, Kristen, Joshua, Maynor, and Nurse Edith went to Los Hornos elementary school to conduct fluoride and deworming with the children and teachers, while Ron went to work at the local kindergarten to help work on the kitchen construction. Back at Los Hornos, the flouride and deworming was finished in record time because we had so many people helping. The Los Hornos crew went to the kinder, and started helping with the construction, or in my case, making friends with the kids attending the kindergarten.The workers constructed and attached the forms used for pouring the concrete along the topmost layer of cinder block. We were able to accomplish this task in a relatively short period of time with so many helpers, and returned to Martha’s Ranch for a lunch of tacos.

After lunch, Roxanne and Ron continued construction on the kitchen, while the rest of our team plus Maynor, Nurse Edith, and Dulce (our translator) set off for a Medical Brigade in Jicaro. We set up in the Elementary School of Jicaro, and waited for the patients to arrive. Karen and Dulce helped check people in, Nurse Edith listened and diagnosed what the problem was, and Maynor and Joshua were the “pharmacists”, and Sam took a nap…I’m not kidding. As for me, I played with the kids— and so did my friend Bubbles. ☺ Our Medical Brigade took place from about 1:30 to 4:00, and it ended in a very good way (at least it did for me). My new friends -mostly girls- hugged me and wondered when I would be back, and unfortunately, we didn’t have anymore activities scheduled in Jicaro this trip. We drove back to Q-Town and picked up Ron and Roxanne up at the kinder, where they had finished pouring concrete into the forms. Once again, we returned to Martha’s and got ready for our evening activities.

Roxanne and Sam went to meet some friends for dinner, while my family-me, Karen, Ron, and Joshua- were treating Dulce, Katie Wooten(a peace corpe worker), and Ortwin (a little boy our family supports) and his mother to dinner at Shirley’s. When we finished the “maravilloso” dinner, we headed back to the Compound for a restful night of sleep.

Kristina (mi nombre en español)