Dia Quatro – A Day of Children

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Our Sunday was rather relaxed, and dominated by the joy of being around children most of the day.  In the morning, we visited the Sunday School Class of Martha Scarlett.  There were over 100 present, including about 85 kids.  They were very attentive to the lesson, and were given paper and pencils, as well as a small lunch at its conclusion.

We then attended the 11:30 feeding of the Tejeras community.  This is the weekly meal funded by HAF, but prepared by mothers in the community.  We were again impressed by the patience of the children and their concern for each other, as evidenced by the following pictures:

In the afternoon, we went to the Agape Promises Bible study in Quimistan.  The younger children gathered indoors, while the older AP kids had their class in the yard. Following the study time, they all came inside to enjoy a hot lunch.

On a more personal note, Dane and I were able to meet Arlinton, the boy sponsored by our Trinity UMC Men’s group.  It was fun getting to know this quiet, but very smart boy.

Also, I was able to enjoy catching up on things in the Santos family.  Our sponsored girl, Sonia, just turned 13, and her younger sister Stefanny, is about to be 6.  Holding 1-year-old Valeria was certainly the highlight of my day!

I hope your day was as blessed as ours has been today.  May we strive to be as child-like in our faith as these beautiful children with which we have been privileged to share this Holy Day.