Dia Seis: 6/15/09

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Today we split into two groups and went our separate ways. The larger of the two groups returned to Santa Clara to continue working on the foundation of the cafeteria and classroom. Heavy bovine traffic was encountered on the road to Santa Clara but we eventually arrived. As usual the weather was hot and humid. Throughout the day, rocks were hand carried from a nearby field for use in the building’s footer. Concrete was poured in a portion of the footer before the threat of rain caused work to come to a halt. While in Santa Clara, several members of the group had the opportunity to visit some homes and see several of the new stoves the Honduras Agape Foundation has recently funded. These stoves have proved a blessing to the their owners because they are not only 75% more efficient but greatly reduce the amount of smoke within the homes. The young folks also took the opportunity to snuggle with some of the little ones they encountered on their walk.

The second and smaller of the two groups began building desks and benches for a local elementary school. This is a first time effort for HAF team members. With the help of a local woodworker in Quimistan who graciously allowed us the use of his shop, we partially completed a desk and chair. During periods of down time, Christa and Cecilia made friends with a cute three year old girl.

The two groups reconvened for dinner and that evening gathered for a good old fashioned “soap and shampoo sorting”. Here, we sorted soaps, shampoos, body washes and other hygiene items donated from back home then placed them into pint sized bags for distribution to local townspeople later this week. A good time was had by all. We continue to remain in good health and spirits and look forward to what tomorrow brings.

– Annalise and Brian