Evangelism Progress in Teo

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Today, while visiting Texoxingales, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with two of the evangelistic leaders, Vilma and Rosa. In January, the foundation had donated Bible story books and Bibles for the churches. It was great to hear how successful these two ladies have been with developing study groups for the children and youth using the tools they have been given. They excitedly told of their lessons using the story books, which have brought the lessons to a new level of interest, especially for the children.

There are three churches in this village and the leaders are working well together sharing the books.
We also gave them crayons and construction paper to use for crafts. Upon receipt of these, Vilma told me that she had been praying for crayons and just last night, she had a dream that someone was going to bring her some. And God did just that!

When asked about future needs, they both spoke of the need for car batteries, which would be used to provide light at the three churches so they could meet at night. Not being able to make any promises, we joined hands and in our closing prayer ask God to provide them as He had the crayons believing that He will in His perfect timing.

On behalf of the foundation, I expressed our gratitude for their commitment in serving their communities and assisting us in sharing the love of Jesus.

Blessed to be here, Roxanne