Father’s Day in Honduras

God gave us another beautiful day in Honduras today. It was the 2nd dental treatment day. Following devotion and breakfast we left for the clinic about 7:45am. Dental treatments and cleanings started on AP children at 8:00. At the same time the van started up the mountain to Arena Blanca (about a hour up and a hour back down) the mountain on narrow, curvy, dirt roads. The Arena Blanca children arrived about 10:15am to start dental treatments.

With 3 dentists and one hygienist working without a break except for lunch, we were able to treat 35 patients today:

  • 21 Honduras Agape AP children (all of whom were cleaned and some needed fillings)
  • 1 Hope for Honduras child (who still needs a sponsor to help her with her education)
  • 10 Arena Blanca children (all of whom needed extensive dental work)
  • Maynor (our Honduras Agape Administrator, who coordinates all HAF activities year-round here in Honduras)
  • Gloria’s daughter Bessie (Gloria is the cook for the Tejeras feedings, a weekly AP feeding, and for our HAF mission teams.)
  • One very poor lady from Quimistan who needed emergency extractions

Several of the AP children were able to join or retain membership in the “No Cavity Club.” Some of them are shown in the “thumbs up” pictures below.

One wonderful surprise for the dentists today was when Laura arrived in the early afternoon at the clinic. She is an AP young woman who is currently in dental school here sponsored by our Honduras Agape Foundation. For the remainder of the afternoon, she acted as the dental assistant, first for Dr. Randy and then for Dr. Patty. It was wonderful to see the fruits of the HAF education program come full circle to the point where one of the students that has been in the program for several years be able to assist the dentists.   It was also great for her to be able to help and observe dental treatments.

Dental treatments were completed about 6:00pm today.

As we were completing our dinner meal, Gloria came with a very special treat for us – a pineapple upside down cake. Gloria told us that today is Father’s Day in Honduras and the cake was in honor of all the fathers on our MT-3 team and all the fathers of the Honduras men that help us here. It was a very nice treat.

The entire team is physically tired tonight, but we know that it was a good day serving today. We look forward to another beautiful day tomorrow.

God is good!

Leroy & Tommy