Father’s Day, June 15, 2008

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Sunday: Father’s Day. Many of us were separated from our fathers, but we were not separated from our Father. Since Sunday morning is reserved for the children’s Sunday School, and Sunday evening for worship, we spent the morning touring the houses that the Honduras Agape Foundation has built. In many cases, the old house was still in use as an extra room, so it was interesting to see the old and the new side by side. The contrast was stark: on one side a hovel, on the other a home.

In the afternoon, we all went over to the field by the high school for Sports and Games Day. Children, teens, and adults mixed as they played Twister, egg relays, and water balloon volleyball. After the games, they got down to the serious business of soccer. The Hondurans treat soccer as they do religion: fervently. Collin, Eric, and Mike joined in the game, while Donald tried to find a uniform big enough for him.

While the guys played, the rest of us enjoyed playing with the children. The seed pods of a locust tree provided much entertainment as swords, building blocks, and pokers. Giggles, tickles, hugs, and laughter provided the cement for the day’s labor.

In the evening we headed over to the Agape church for their evening worship service. Marycruz served admirably as translator, a job even an adult would find difficult at best. Her understanding of both languages and composure in front of the congregation has made her an invaluable member of this team. After the sermon, the service took a different turn as a healing took place. When it became a little too intense, we quietly left, as did most of the congregation. While this form of worship is hard for us to understand, we do understand that God works in different ways for different people. And so our day started with long distance wishes for our fathers, and ended with worship and celebration of our Father. Not a bad way to spend a day.