Field Day Frenzy 7/18

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Today, despite the rumors of road blockages, turmoil and demonstrations, was a day of fun and games for our small group. We ventured to Santa Clara for a ‘field day’. On the way, “we took with us air, balloons, cookies, drinks, energy, festivities, a gorilla, hats, ice cream, jokes, kites, limperas, markers, Norte Americanos, orange juice, people, quilts, rowdyness, stars, tarps, unity, variety, water, xylophone, and a zoo.” As you can tell, our games started on the way to Santa Clara.

The Livingston family had planned and purchased the needed supplies for our field day which included face painting, which was a huge success; relay races; bubbles; football; frisbee; water balloon play; soccer; placemat weaving; and play with hula hoops.

About 150 children and adults had a great time enjoying a time of sharing fun, laughs, competition, and a meal. A special treat for the missionaries was a prayer offered by the pastor of another church who wants to begin working with the Santa Clara fellowship to strengthen the body of Christ.

After 5 hours of activities, our group returned to Quimistan, bringing with us ” a bunch of colorful dreams of extra fun, with good and happy ideas to join kids, ladies and men in new opportunities to propel questions regarding the Spirit of Truth, Understanding, Virtues, and Wisdom with xceeding zeal!”

Ha ha, now the game is on you! Just try to keep up with Kristen and Rox and the ABC word games. 🙂