First Graduates from AP Program are Recognized

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A major goal of the Agape Promises program in Quimistan is to help students afford to continue in school rather than needing to drop out for lack of funds. The program accommodates as many as fifty students, and each student is sponsored financially by individuals, groups, or churches in the United States.

A highlight of the January mission trip was a lunchtime ceremony to recognize the first four students to graduate from this program. Three of the four–Pablo, David, and Nancy–are shown here as June introduced them to everybody.

The sponsors for each of the four were in the mission team, and took great pleasure in standing with the student during the recognition. Here Jackie is helping the communication process as sponsors Richard and Melanie present Nancy with a Spanish-English Bible and congratulate her for her achievement. David has already received his Bible from his sponsors June and Ken, who are looking on. For the other AP students a the ceremony, this provided evidence of how important we believe education will be for helping to lift the students and their community from what may have been a bleak future.

After the recognition and rewards, there were hugs all around.