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We returned to Rosa’s today and continued going up with the pila.  Our trip is beginning to come to an end, so we’re trying to work hard and fast with the time we have left.  When Mark puts his headphones in, things get serious. 

Mark putting in the shower nozzle
Kay pasa mooking
Tom and Tiana
Temple of Syrinx

Rosa’s addition coming along
Packing mook
Mixing mook
Brad and Jerry mooking the wall

This is a cesspool being dug into which the feces will flow, as
the drainage pipe running under the foundation from the toilet
can be seen coming out above the hole.

The hole has to be 10 feet deep.

Stutts digging out the cesspool
Not sure what’s going on here

Juan digging out the cesspool – he has done most of the digging.
It’s about 8 feet deep at this point.

We left Rosa’s at 2:00pm in order to go to Tejeras to feed the kids, like we’ve done every other year we’ve been here.  Only this time in addition to feeding, we walked up and down the highway Tejeras is on and handed out bags (we prepared a few nights ago) of rice and beans to each family we met.

Tom and Hunter sang some tunes to the kids at Tejeras.  No mosh pit music, and no bloodied legs this time, as all the kids scattered soon after the feeding because rain was on the way. 

Chris’s scar from last year still hasn’t healed.

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