Flexibility is key!

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We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise and cool morning at the ranch.  But before we even started breakfast the rains came.  It rained and rained and well… rained. The original plan was to go to Las Dantes to celebrate the completion of a water project and do an eyeglass clinic but the roads were too questionable due to the rain and so we had to change. Instead we went to Santa Clara on the fly and visited the White Dove School.  It is amazing all the work that has been going on there. In just a few short years they have gone from a cattle field to a full fledged elementary school and still growing.  We were blessed to have a nice long visit with the leaders, tour the grounds, and visit the classrooms. We unfortunately never got a chance to play with the children or interact more due to the rains and messy conditions.

In addition we also visited the public school in Santa Clara and was able to discuss and witness the plans the principal has for that school.  We’re very excited to see the growth in Santa Clara and the chance to possibly reach out to more children in that community.

After lunch we headed out to Los Panales to visit and check out a broken Solar Panel and see what we could do.  Those who could worked on that while the rest of us got to tour the small town and visit with the locals.  We discovered there is a passion for Water Balloons!  It was a rainy day and no one minds getting wet when it’s all ready wet.  We had a blast!  The Solar Power system also turned out to not be too damaged and we think we have the tools and equipment to fix it.  We hope to return later this week and get power back to the school (There are no power lines in the village and solar is the only power source).

Tomorrow we are headed off to Tranquilidad in Q-Town to help with some construction there (we think).  Everything is up to God and the schedule changes on the fly.  We stay flexible so we can be the tools of the kingdom.

God Bless!