From Mountains to Dental Chairs

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One half of the team headed back to the US this morning.  Unfortunately, we have heard their flight was delayed, so they had to spend extra time at the airport.

The remaining team members – John, Dan, Roxanne and Sam – along with Maynor and Daniel, delivered Bibles and children’s Bible study materials to La Montanita.  While not far, this was another high mountain village where the drive up was interesting to say the least.  The views from the village were spectacular, even on a cloudy day.

We delivered the Bibles to Vilma and the Pastor of the Good Samaritan Church and left materials for two other churches.  Vilma is one of our Community Health Workers and shared much appreciation for HAF and the work of Dr. Tino and Maynor.  Common medicines continue to be hard to come by in the village.

Maria, who works with the little Catholic church, shared coffee with us (locally grown of course).  While visiting with her family we also met a Red Cross volunteer who has been coming to La Montanita for a year and tracking the health issues in the village.  We were pleased to hear that he had seen a dramatic drop in respiratory problems after the ‘Justa Stoves’ were installed.  This information confirms what Dr. Tino had told us about the health benefits he had seen from Justa Stoves in Teo.  The HAF donations and volunteer hours have provided a long term health benefit in these communities.

The day ended with many hours spent on configuring two donated dental chairs with light arms so that the next team, which will focus on dental work, does not have to hold flashlights.  It was harder than we first thought, but nothing a cow college engineer, an Episcopal priest, an entomologist, and an ex-nurse – along with the help of our Honduran interpreter and the Lord on High – could not conquer. 

The road up the mountain to La Montanita.
Out guide for the last quarter mile to find just the right home for Bible delivery.
The view from the mountain side.
The team delivering Bibles to Vilma in La Montanita.
Vilma, her 4 year old daughter, her husband the Pastor, and Father John.
Daniel explaining some of the Red Cross materials to Roxanne and Maria during our coffee break.
Coffee bush bloom and a single berry left after picking.  Coffee is the major cash crop in these mountains, but the Team was baffled as to how anyone could pick berries on these steep slopes.
Dental chairs being set up in the local hospital in Quimistan.  They should be ready for the next mission team.