From Tejeras to Agape Promises

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Buenos noches!

After another delicious breakfast provided by Gloria and Sandra, we got to watch Sandra teach Sunday school at Tejeras. Sandra and Jose led the children in songs including one we recognized…The Saints Go Marching In! We learned the story of Elijah passing on the cloak to Elisha, although it was the first time many of us had heard it in Spanish.  Afterwards, we got to interact and play with the children as we fed them lunch.  One 3 year old girl, that has recently been ill, was feeling much better since she has been visited by the pharmacist!

This afternoon we visited the Agape Promises bible study that takes place at a kindergarten every Sunday afternoon. We were all salivating over doughnuts that Gloria handmade with chocolate icing and sprinkles for the kids. All of the kids enjoyed their treat and then it was playtime. We were able to bring some balls, a jump rope, and a parachute. Several times we had five children jumping rope at the same time! For the sponsors on the trip, this was also a special time to spend with their children.

The team felt that today was a long but fulfilling day. However, looking back on the day, Sandra taught two lessons and helped at all of our meals, and Gloria made empanadas for our lunch and doughnuts for the kids on 3 hours of sleep! They teach us what ‘giving your all’ truly means!

We are now preparing to go to Los Dantes tomorrow!

Hasta mañana!