Fun With Sheep

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Today, we went to the White Dove bilingual school in Santa Clara. Dave and Jimi helped with construction on a new office and computer lab for the school while the rest of the team conducted a bible school for the kids. The children were awesome and excited to learn. The theme was about how God is our shepherd and that he watches over us. The kids made ovejas (sheep) to take home with the 23rd Psalm on the back.
Once we left the school, we stopped for some excitement at a rickety bridge. For dinner, we joined Reyna, a friend from past trips, for homemade pancakes and tortillas. We even received tortilla making lessons. We decided to rough it by watching the championship at a local restaurant with air conditioning. We also managed to squeeze in some time for soccer.

Jimi reading a math book???? And failing.

classrooms at the White Dove School

vacation bible school

building an office

arts and crafts

music station

swinging bridge

game time!

Rozy, the tortilla master

Reyna and her family with Michael

Allie ballin’ on the futbol field

Go Louisville!