Gloria’s Table

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 Gloria, one our cooks, told us after lunch today that she needed a bigger table to use at the Tejeras feedings. So, Bruce and Jim made another trip to their friends at the local wood shop. They wondered how these guys would receive them since this was their 7th trip to the wood shop in the last 8 days. As usual, the wood shop guys stopped what they were doing and helped find and cut the needed lumber. The local taxi service was used again to carry the wood to the HAF  office.

After the table construction was finished, Jim and Bruce wondered how they were going to get the 5-foot-long table to Tejeras. Yes, a taxi was called again. Somehow the table, along with Bruce and Jim, was crammed into the back seat of the taxi. They rumbled down the unpaved road to the main road, and then to Tejeras. They delivered the table to Gloria at 4 PM just as she was setting up for the children’s feeding. She was all smiles as they left.

Gloria rewarded everyone for their efforts by surprising us with rum raisin ice cream for dessert.

It was a really busy day and everyone is ready for a bath and a good night’s rest.