God is with us

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Domingo 1/16/10

Before we left on this mission trip, Holly gave a devotional at one of the team meetings which ended with the admonition to look for God in your life every day. Yesterday after our visit to Santa Clara, three of us were to go by taxi to La Montanita to work on desks. Also, Daniel our Interpreter was to follow us there in his pickup truck. Before leaving Santa Clara, his truck developed a truly ominous clunking sound. Daniel slowly drove the truck down the very rough road from Santa Clara and then slowly on the Guatamala to San Pedro Sula raceway to Quimistan. Upon reaching his intermediate destination, the Thomsen Ranch, the truck froze up and refused to roll any further. Oil was seen to coming from the differential and had been slung all over the undercarriage.

Where was God in all this? Breaking down anywhere along the way would have been far more hazardous, especially on the main highway and unable to move the vehicle onto the shoulder. You could consider this luck, coincidence or whatever, but this writer prefers to believe that God was indeed showing his hand in this case, particularly since Daniel was able to catch up to us in town and hitch a ride in the taxi. This was all followed by a very successful desk assembly training session.