God Opens Eyes in Quimistan

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Buenas tardes de Quimistan! Well our trip is wrapping up and God has definitely been at work through us as we have been here. I have worked in the clinic all week (along with Kathy, Vanna, Shirley, Flora, and the very faithful and helpful interpreters Jackie, Daniel, and Pablo). We have seen close to 60 patients each day and sent nearly 80% away with glasses. I wish I could send a picture or video that would convey the literal eye opening experiences these people are having.

One man was introduced to the room by Vanna with, “this man is 82 years old, we cannot get a reading from the autorefractor and he sees BLURRY near and far.” Well what can you do? The first pair of glasses I tried covered half his face but were +325 in each eye and caused him to bounce (as well an 82 year old man can) in his seat. “Sí mira! Clarito, clarito!” (Yes, I see! So clear, so clear). Well we tried many pairs of updated lenses but he was in love with the first ones. There have been many who are that excited and lots who have gotten reading glasses in lieu of longer arms.

I have been so blessed to be here to receive the hugs and see the happy faces of everyone, especially the ones we can help.

Pictures to follow when we return to los Estados Unidos.