Good News for Teo!

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Today the Texoxingales community received word that the Foundation approved the purchase of piping that will enable them to restore water to their community.  Their present water source has been drying up in the last few years as the community population expanded.  Recently they have had water for a few hours a day at best, and increasingly some homes in the community go for days with no water.  A new water source will provide copious amounts of water, but will require about 3,000 feet of new piping.  Men of the community are ‘machete-ready’ and ‘shovel-ready’ to start tomorrow hacking a path through the jungle-like underbrush and digging trenches in the hillsides to lay the water line.  They are exceedingly grateful and genuinely thankful for our help, expressing profound prayer for God’s richest blessing on the benefactors who are enabling them to dig themselves out of their dire situation.