Here we go again!

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Today we went back to Arena Blanca. After the long drive up the mountain, we were greeted by screaming kids all happy to see us. We stayed at the same school as yesterday, and installed screens while others played with the kids. Every one of the children got bubbles, and we did the whale craft too. The local women made us some tasty chicken soup for lunch, and then it was time to go. We took the bus to another school close by that the team had been to last year. We saw the classroom that we helped to build last year, and we also saw the swing set. We were given some sweet rice pudding by the teachers. After that, we played with the students for an hour. They had so much energy! When we had gotten rid of our energy, the tired team loaded into the bus and headed back to Quimistan. We finished painting the tables we built during the week and ate a wonderful dinner of chicken tacos and macaroni and cheese. Today was a fun day of construction and play!Deedee Hardee Vaughters's photo.Deedee Hardee Vaughters's photo.