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The mission group safely arrived in Quimistan yesterday. The group is composed of :
Randy and Karen Wyont – St. Paul UMC – New Ellenton
Bruce and Maxine Eberhard- First Presbyterian – Aiken
Jim and Lorraine Kelley – First Presbyterian – Aiken
Dave Gibbs – Philadelphia UMC – Harlem, GA
Randy Shelley – St. Johns UMC – Aiken
Lee Coulter – First Presbyterian – Aiken
Tommy Thompson – Trinity UMC – Aiken
Roxanne Turnipseed – S. Aiken Presbyterian – Aiken.

Randy and Charlie are local dentists who closed their offices to volunteer to come to Quimistan to serve local residents Thursday – Saturday. Karen, Maxine, and Lorraine are serving as dental assistants.

Tommy, Lee, and Dave started several plumbing and electrical repairs to the mission facilities.

Bruce and Jim determined material needs to construct shelving for a local elementary school and the Agape Church. Materials were ordered.

Roxanne is performing her normal duties of being a diplomat, tour guide, boss, mother hen, queen bee, ethics advisor, linguist, and banker.

Jim and Tommy