Higher Education

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We all understand the importance of education. The need for education is understood in Honduras, too. But a major problem there is that most people simply can’t afford even the modest expenses of higher education. So the Honduras Agape Foundation initiated actions last year to establish a community-sponsored higher education (university level) program. Our intent was to provide 50/50 matching funds and encouragement for financial assistance to students in and around Quimistan who have demonstrated high potential and drive to excel, but who cannot afford the cost.

While we were there in January, Sam and Allen met with the director of the high school in Quimistan (the Colegio). The purpose of the meeting was to determine whether and how to continue our initiatives toward the higher education program. Working through our translator, Jackie, we were able to agree on broad objectives, criteria for student selection, and how such a fund-matching program will be administered and funded.

The program will be called the Quimistan Valley Scholar Program. The two men who agreed to administer the program indicated that they will attempt to secure local matching funds to allow selection of the first student scholar by the end of March. We told them that whenever community donations match the amount we contributed as “earnest money”, we will match further donations 50/50.

We sealed the agreements with handshakes. Now we will look for truly outstanding students within the Quimistan Valley who can succeed as scholars and citizens the whole community can be proud of.