Highway Ministry – Feeding the Hungry

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Shown below are photos of HAF’s program where every Friday afternoon 75-80 children are fed a nutritious meal for $70. A visit to the garbage dump a few months back was the start of all of this. Young boys asked to take the bags off the truck as soon as we pulled-up. The ripped the bags open to scavenge for food, plastic bottles and anything else they could use. Their mothers and younger siblings were standing nearby, numerous buzzards were a few feet away, flies swarmed everywhere, and the stench was nauseating.

The next day, we fed them fried chicken and tortillas at the dump. On a later mission trip, they were not at the dump because the city made scavenging illegal. We were told that they were meeting on Sunday in the yard of a shack on the edge of the highway not far from the dump. They were being taught God’s Word by the Youth Minister of a nearby church, but they only had Coca Cola and a few cookies to eat. We asked their leader, Omar, who also lives in a mud stick shack, to keep them there for an hour and we would be back with food. He did, and we did!
Now we have pledges from 5 people and they are being fed EVERY FRIDAY FOR A YEAR.

As you look at the photos from this Friday’s feeding and your heart is touched, perhaps you would consider a donation! These, God’s Children, also need to be fed on Monday night (they meet Mon – Fri – Sun).

Will you consider helping through friends, Sunday School Class, Club or Church?

52 weeks/year x $70/week = $3640/year

Thanks for considering this need.

Sam Turnipseed