Hot, Sweaty, and Ready to Work

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We arrived in Honduras today after a very pleasant flight from Atlanta even though the team was running on no sleep!

We made it through customs in San Pedro Sula pretty quickly (and with all of our luggage)! Then we loaded all the trunks and suitcases on top of a truck and got in a van to drive the hour and a half to Quimistan. On the way, we got to experience first hand how the locals drive. (It was very exciting!) It was eye opening to see all the people and houses in the villages that we drove through to get to the ranch that we are staying at.

When we arrived we were greeted by Sandra, one of the cooks, with a big hug. We got to enjoy tortilla chips with a meat/potato compote and a yummy homemade salsa. Then we toured the area stopping at all of the sites that HAF is active in. We stopped by Tejeres, where the feeding programs for the children take place, then we toured the Quimistan hospital that Martha (the owner of where we are staying) helped fund. Then we traveled to the site of the children’s home that the Turnipseeds are working to build. It was a beautiful location, surrounded by mountains, and Sam explained all the plans that they are hoping to put in place in the future.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for tomorrow! (Hopefully a cold front 🙂

In Christ,
Sarah & Erin

(And snaps to Jim for the pictures)