I will pray, learn, and serve because Jesus loves me!

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After a morning of participating with the AP students and their brothers, sisters and friends in their weelky Bible study(about 50 children), we came back to Martha’s ranch for further religious instruction. The Bible verses used for the basis of the teaching were Mark 12:29 – 31

The introduction spoke about the word for love is “agape” and it means the love that Jesus showed to people. Agape means love that serves others – that brings out the best in people, love that can change somone’s life for the better. The message to the children was that God Loves You! He loves all of

you. They then repeated the words Jesus Loves Me and I Love Jesus several times. They learned how to sign each of these phrases.

The “HAF Agape Players” with the help of the senior AP students, put on askit to help the children understand the how much Jesus loves them. They were also taught, for them to love Jesus in return, they must pray, learn and serve. Hand signs were used for these lessons too. At the close of the session, each child was given a bracelet with the saying, Dios te ama (God loves you). It was a wonderful experience to share this lesson with all of the children. The message seemed clear and the repeated use of signing the words helped them to get the true meaning of the words. As we prepared for additional break out sessions, love and understanding filled the room. The Holy Spirit was truly present with us all this afternoon.