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Light to dark – dark to light – light to dark – dark to light.

After a reprieve from the action yesterday, today we returned to Rosa’s outpost and split up into more or less the same teams as last Friday (which recall is the first and last day we went to Rosa’s).  Chris, Danielson, Maynor, Lorie, Tracey, Madison and Cooper ventured up beyond Rosa’s house into the wilds of the remote Honduran mountains and soared high in the winds to finish the stove they started Friday.  Not only did they finish it, they started and completed another.  The tally of total stoves we have now built on this trip is 3.

The team that stayed at Rosa’s continued working on the 16×9′ addition to her house.  Since the footers were poured on Friday, today we concentrated our efforts on building two additional rebar support columns and laying block.  By the end of the day we were some eight high.  We’ll climb a little higher every day.  Our goal is to have a roof over it by Thursday. 

Twist tying the rebar columns

Mark laying block.  (Crooked, as Danielson
would later point out)

Clouds rolled by and we rolled with them.  Ominous skies loomed overhead but the storm never came.  The sun came and went.  The heat was unpleasant but not suffocating.  The integrity of our mook was never jeopardized.

Lorraine sifting sand, prepping for mook mixing
Stove numero tres

The trail of pain.
There is so much pain.
Doom comes to those who wander.
But not all who wander are lost. 

We arrived back at the compound at 6:00pm, thirty minutes before dinner.  This means, again, nobody had time to take showers before dinner.  We always enjoy eating dinner with dirt, mook and blister scabs falling into our plates.  But when we did finally get around to taking our showers, the water ran red from our cuts and lacerations, as it did during the first plague of Egypt, and was as blood.  Here’s nominating Mark to receive the Red Badge Of Courage for the Honduras Mission Trip of 2014.  I, Blog Overlord, nominate him to receive this award.  The award shall come down from the blogosphere and shall be stamped with the Seal of Doom.  And I, Blog Overlord, receive second place, having slit my wrist on the roof at Santa Clara.  This award, too, shall be stamped with the Seal of Doom.  Oh yes, there has been blood.

Three days left on this journey.  Let us not sleep as do others, but let us rest.  We are to be watchmen.  The smile of dawn will come too soon. 

Every day sends future to past.
Every breath leaves us one less to our last.  

Blog Overlord