Impressions of Santa Clara

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Thursday, Jan. 22

One my visit to Santa Clara Thursday, a few things stood out to me about the people. First, they are all very friendly, especially the kids. You can’t pass anyone along the street without saying “Hola!” or “Buenos dias!” They can find fun in anything, from watching the “gringos” beat up on a rock, to playing with their homemade scooters. How many of our kids or grandkids would be happy with a toy like this?

Also, they are very industrious. Most people I saw were either sweeping their dirt front yard, washing clothes or dishes, cooking or preparing food, or some other chore. When I checked on the progress on Mrs. Amalia’s house, I was pleasantly surprised to see at least four of the family members helping out, including two of the kids.

This family is very needy and very deserving of a new house, but they are not sitting there watch it happen; they are actually helping it to happen! Helping folks in the name of Christ feels great, but helping those who will pitch in and do what they can to assist us feels even better!