In Search of the Bees

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We made the trip through San Marcos and on up to Los Panales.  Los Panales translates to something like ‘the bee hive’, as much honey comes from this area.  We started visiting this community last year and have enjoyed our visits.  Today we performed the Hygiene Brigade for over 50 kids. 

We also met with the local church leaders and discussed the various needs they have.  We hope to be providing Bibles and Sunday School materials to these churches.

During the hygiene sessions, Dan built a box around the 3 lead-acid batteries for the solar panel, which are located in one of the classrooms.  This was mostly to protect the children from the batteries, but may also work to protect the batteries from the children.  The four pieces of wood that “happened” to be in the HAF storage closet, provided just the right materials needed for constructing the box, with only minor trimming.  How about that!

On the road back, we stopped at a ‘shanty’ that is all alone at a seldom traveled crossroad.  A family of 8 live in this small cobbled-together shelter.  We provided deworming medicines and toothbrushes/toothpaste.  We also left some toys for the children.  Seemed like so little, but they smiled – balls make good fun anywhere in the world.

We also visited the Tejeras feeding program again and are excited to see progress continuing on the church being built beside the highway.  Some 50 kids and several adults were served today.  We give thanks to the donors who are helping feed the children in this impoverished community.

The day was closed out by attending worship at the local church, La Cosecha (The Harvest.)  It was a very different service than we are used to, but also very powerful.  The pastor is such a talented and dynamic speaker, we wished  we could have understood more of what he had to say.

Dan and Tommy