Jerry´s Friday

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This morning we started with a devotion and a typical Honduran breakfast of pancakes, eggs, refried beans, pinapple coffee and orange juice. Afterwards Michael and I inspected the bathrooms at the school and clinic. They now have seven installed at the the classrooms and they all were in good working order and clean. We bought trash cans for each bathroom. There are two operating bathrooms in the clinic. One needed repair. We bought parts and Celvin fixed the toilet in the bathroom.

The water system filters were clean and showed obvious signs that the filters have been cleaned regularly. They are getting a bit rough around the edges, but that is expected and they are due for change in early February. Celvin poijnted out to me without being asked that they and the UV light are to be changed on February 1st. I am very happy with the condition of the facilities.

We also bought parts and put up some shower curtains for the missionaries. Modesty and all that…

In the afternoon we went to look at the Hicaro school project. The parents of the school are putting stucco on the outside wall and have built a small kitchen behind the school. We also examined the building and property to discover future opportunities for additional projects. We plan to work at Hicaro tommorrow. It has been a very good first day.