Jesus is the Good Shepherd

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After a night of preparation, we headed to Luz de Valle (Light of the Valley) school for VBS.  The theme this year was centered on Jesus being the Good Shepherd. During the opening presentation, Marlini lead the kids through the story. The participation was best when they got to Baa like sheep! Lenis was also a huge help in the music station. She was able to sing and lead songs beautifully while her helpers attempted to sing in Spanish and entertain the kids. While we were playing afterwards, the kids were proud of the sheep they had made  during Arts and Crafts. VBS was a great success. We all feel that seeds were planted for the message that transcends all others!

In the afternoon, we took a hygiene clinic to the school in Jicaro. The teacher has 23 students, and we were able to work with all of them and at least one older brother! Again, the de-worming chewable tablets seem to be working well. In two sessions, only one child has attempted to spit it out. We played a rather enthusiastic game of soccer with some of the kids, as well as jumping rope.  One girl jumped 35 times in a row! Jose went with us to Jicaro; he helped with translating and was one of the best soccer players!

Hasta Luego!