Jicaro Day for VBS

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Tuesday, Jan. 20

Today I attended the second VBS session, held at the “Escuela de Rep. Venezuela” school in Jicaro, about 20 minutes of dirt road from here. There were about 4 dozen kids and another dozen or so adults and babies outside. The AP youth took the lead today in presenting the same message described in an earlier post. Arabely did most of the teaching, with Karen and Claudia in supporting roles. The session was again followed by deworming medicine and fluoride.

But I’ll let the pictures below tell the story.


[Teaching the Gospel]

[Making bracelets]

[Coloring fun!]

[Preparing the deworming medicine]

[Down the hatch!]

[Demonstrating the fluoride]

[Swish and spit!]
[New toothbrushes]
[And a good time was had by all!]