Laying the Foundation 7/13

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Today at Sra. Umanzor’s kindergarten, George, Ron, and I continued the work that was started several days ago. We began our day by making the rest of the rebar columns that provide the support for the walls. After the columns were formed, we cemented most of them in place. We then went back to Martha’s for lunch while the concrete set. After lunch, we put in the remaining columns, set up the wooden supports for the foundation, and mixed and poured concrete for the foundation. Tomorrow we will be ready to start laying blocks. Besides all the work that we did, I spent time with 2 Hondurans that were helping us on our project–Rigo and Nelson. They taught me about about concrete volcanoes. By about three o’clock we were done for the day, so we returned for some R&R time followed by a dinner of empanadas and tres leche torte for dessert.

Joshua (almost 14)