Let the Little Children Come

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We visited the Luz de Valle Escuela to provide fluoride treatment to these first through sixth graders. This is the classroom funded and constructed by HAF a couple of years ago.

Even Maestro David enjoye(?) his fluoride treatment.

Swish and swallow for thirty seconds and then escupir (spit out)!

We then visited Banderas to provide anti-parasitic meds as the children had received fluoride in June. Unfortunately, the teacher is pregnant and has not had classes for a month and it is unknown when the classes will resume. An example of the sad, inefficiency of the school system here. But one parent was more than willing to help us gather the children for the treatment.

In the afternoon, I chauffeured the medical brigade to Los Montanitas…..my first visit. It is a beautiful pueblo albeit without electricity and clean water. Maynor did take a sample of the water for testing.

At first, I did play nurse and relieve Edith for the vital sign station.

Maynor ready for his first patient and then working hard to fulfill Dr. Elsa’s prescriptions.

Dr. Elsa during a consult with one of the thirty one patients with whom she consulted this afternoon.

It did not take me long, to move outside, where it was much cooler, although still hot, and entertain the children and adults with my antics. Thank God for who ever invented balloons and Frisbee….a huge hit no matter where you go.

As requested, I rode by the kinder cocina project to visit and view the progress made.

Obin, seems to be making great progress with out the gringos to ‘help’ him.

Unfortunately, again today, Friday, many teachers are not in school so we can not visit for the planned treatments. This has been the case for a month now as the government struggles to settle and Zelaya calls for strikes. Again, the children are suffering…..they will have lost so many days of school this year and yet, be passed on to the next grade, unprepared.

MT 19:14 “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”