March Dental Trip – Tuesday

Today was the first full dental clinic day. The dentists and hygienist were able to treat numerous children.

In the morning, 11 children (with their teacher and a few moms) were brought down the mountain from the small mountain village of Los Panales.   The children that came were the ones assessed to have the most severe dental problems. These wonderful children are shown below with our team.


In addition to the Los Panales children, the dentists also treated several Agape Promise students. Many of these students also had their teeth cleaned by the hygienist.


A special treat today was having a local Quimistan dentist, Dr. Gema, come to the clinic to help our mission team dentists with the dental treatments.


While the children were waiting to see the dentists, Ben & Anna entertained them with a soccer kick-around, blowing bubbles, coloring, and similar fun activities.



When the Los Panales children and adults were ready to go back up the mountain, they expressed their sincere thanks to us for everything. We thanked them for coming and gave their teacher a soccer ball for their small school. Below is a picture of them leaving (all 17 or so of them) in a small Toyota truck.


After finishing the dental work, the team went to help feed the children of the Tejeras roadside community. HAF now sponsors 5 meals a week for these families. When they were finished eating, the team distributed clothing and flip-flops to the children.

DSC03256DSC03258DSC03262DSC03273 DSC03275Tomorrow it’s back to the mountains to visit the villages of “Teo” and Arena Blanca.  Stay tuned…