March Dental Trip – Wednesday

We spent the day in the beautiful Honduran mountains. After an hour and 20 minute ride up the mountain, we arrived at the village of Teo. There were about 100 children from the village waiting in a circle just outside their classrooms to greet us.   After the teachers welcomed us, a student greeted us on behalf of all the children. Then numerous children came up to give each of us several colored picture drawings that they had done for us. The pictures were superb! Several of them were pictures of Jesus – we will cherish them forever.

Then we began the hygiene clinic with de-worming, hand-washing, teeth brushing, and fluoride rinse. The children were very cooperative and everything went well.

It was then on to VBS – the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm (in Spanish), and then a craft project to build tiny sailboats from materials we brought. They also played a game in the school yard that simulated rough seas.

The dentists then did quick dental exams to determine which children will come to Quimistan tomorrow for dental treatment.

The adults and teachers from Teo fixed a wonderful lunch for us, with fried chicken, vegetable soup (with Honduran vegetables), and rice. It was super!

DSC03304 DSC03329 DSC03508DSC03506DSC03352 DSC03371 DSC03384 DSC03404

After lunch, it was then on to Arena Blanca, another small mountain village. In this village we completed a similar hygiene clinic, VBS, and dental exams.

While in Arena Blanca, we distributed clothing and flip-flops to all the children in the school. Then each girl received a special gift – a home-made dress made by wonderful ladies in Aiken. The dresses were beautiful and the girls loved them!

DSC03415 DSC03416 DSC03417 DSC03429 DSC03444 DSC03448

At the end of the afternoon, we came back down the mountain – a very rough, dusty dirt road – very tired, but thankful for the great times we had.

Just before dinner, we had a special treat – we visited Tranqulidad where we saw the beautiful babies who are getting great care there. Sam also gave us a tour of the overall place. We loved it.


We are now a tired mission team, but after a good night sleep, we will we ready to welcome another beautiful day in Honduras, most of which will be spent in the dental clinic in Quimistan.