Meet the Mookies!

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Pardon our lack of blog activity.  The first few days of our trip have been strenuous and tiring, but rewarding.

We are going to present the first five days of our trip via pictures:

Day 1: Embarkation and Advent

Sleeping on the plane

Drilling rig at Tranquilidad at 160 feet, expected to hit water at 200 feet

Eventually a water tower will be built here

DAY 2: The Children of Texoxingales 

Our first job site was in Teo, where we roofed a school building.

Victoria playing with kids at Teo

Roofing in action

Hard at work

Generators are heavy

Deathtrap 3000 v2.0 behind Lakey

DAY 3:  The Secret Window


Mark and Daniel changing a flat on the way to Teo

Lifting up trusses

Hauling block

Roofing the school from a distance

We finished roofing the building our second day on site

DAY 4 & DAY 5:  La Montanita

Our second job site is in La Montanita, where we are building an addition onto Rosa’s house that will contain a pila (wash basin) and bathroom.

Rosa’s house

Rosa’s house and the bags of cement soon to be mook


Stairway to Heaven

Filling the footers with mook

Mark doing the bulk of the work here

Graylan playing with one of Rosa’s children

Stutts and Lakey carrying block out of the house
Brad & Lorie mooking with Kay pasa and Danielson

It takes minute detail
It takes a holy life
It takes motions
It takes dedication
it takes a death
And only God can allow it,
and you couldn’t do it if you’re not the seed of God
And so the path through the great corridors,
these are corridors unto his perfection,
that is which the prophet and the Urim and Thummim has penetrated,
that through this great sea of blackness
that we penetrated through these corridors
and we went through that last segment
where we went through these dark serpentines
We passed through that corridor.