Mission Team on the Move

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A team of eleven left Aiken before 5 AM this morning on their way to Honduras for a 10-day mission trip. This photo captured everybody but Randy and Lee on the church bus just before departure. The team will arrive in Quimistan late this afternoon and will be busily engaged until time to return. The photo below shows Randy and Charlie checking to be sure that the trunks with dental supplies are in the stack of fifteen trunks the team is taking to Quimistan, as the teams typically have done. Each team member is assigned one or two trunks as part of their luggage allowance, limiting their own luggage to one piece plus perhaps a carry-on. The trunks contain clothing, medicines, a few toys, and miscellaneous needs, and the challenge is to stay just below the limit of fifty pounds for each one. The trunks return to Aiken empty so they are ready for the next mission trip. Our prayers go with the team for their safe journey, effective ministry and building of relationships, and growth for everyone in contact with the mission effort.