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After the dental clinic was completed and part of our team returned home, additional projects were started while work continued on other projects. Roxanne took Maxine, Lorraine and Tommy to the Las Vegas Kindergarten and the Jicaro Elementary School. They distributed clothing and personal items like soap, lotions, shampoo, etc. to the children. Lee stayed behind to buy hardware for installing the fans in the ladies’ dorm. Tommy rejoined Lee after returning from the trip to the schools.

On Sunday Bruce and Jim completed the project to construct and install shelves in the church supply room. We had plenty of help from young boys who arrived early for Sunday school. The project to construct and install shelves in the Light of the Valley elementary school was started Saturday. It was decided the work of framing in the openings would be done on Saturday afternoon to minimize disruption of classes. After some communications entanglements we arrived at the school only to find the gate to the ten foot fence was locked. The key was in San Pedro Sula so all of the equipment, including a 75 lb generator, had to be transported over the fence. But the job got done and done safely.

On Sunday afternoon the crew had lunch with the Agape Promises kids. We had a nice meal that was prepared and served in the new cafeteria. Afterwards the kids were entertained with balloons, bubble blowing and kite flying. The luncheon was an opportunity for some of us to meet for the first time the child we are sponsoring and for others to become inspired to sponsor new children.

The shelves for the Light of the Valley School have been installed and work on the doors will begin Tuesday.