Monday…on the road again.

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Having spend yesterday, Sunday, as a day of rest, Maynor and I were off to do more fluoride and anti-parasitic treatments. We traveled to Milpa Arda first to give treatment to 150 students grades Kinder-6.
When we arrived it was time for recess and snack.

Receiving anti-parasitic medication…good to the last drop.

Each classroom houses two grades with one teacher;

first and third, second and fourth, fifth and sixth, and the kindergarten.
With an average of 45 students in each of the classrooms, except for the kinder,
I can not imagine how the teacher instructs.

Without our fellow missionaries, the moms jumped

in to help prepare the fluoride.

As Maynor demonstrates to the children, some are very attentive.

We then drove a bit further to Jicaro where in a one room school house,
one teacher is instructing 6 grades- 27 students were present today.
She must split the time teaching each grade while the others
sit quietly listening….or not!
The noise level and distractions are difficult to comprehend.

These teachers must be special people to offer themselves,

time and energy for so little pay, using stubs of chalk in an overcrowded
room with maybe a fan for ventilation.
I am reminded again of Jesus saying if you have done
it unto one of the least of these, you have done it unto me.