Mooktorium: Complete

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Our last day on the job site was an emotional one, but we left Rosa’s house feeling we had accomplished all we could possibly accomplish given the time we had.  Still, Chris apologized to Rosa for not being able to accomplish more.  She rejoiced regardless.  She is very close to having a working toilet, shower, and wash tub inside her house, which she probably never dreamed she’d have.  I feel like we have truly made a difference in the life of someone who deserves it, and appreciates it.     
Hunter, Aaron and Stutts finished digging the cesspool hole.  4X4 feet, 10 feet deep.  These guys took turns in the hole, digging for allotted times then switching out with the next person.  Once it reached a certain depth, some local Hundurans used their ingenuity to rig a pulley system.  A bucket was lowered into the hole, filled with dirt, then raised out.  Hunter can be seen in it here:
At about 8 feet

The pully system over the hole.

Shade squatters to the left doing what they do best – observing

The rest of us continued on the mooktorium.  We had to build mini-scaffolds once it reached a certain height.  The pila is in the center of the structure, the toilet on one side and the shower on the other. 
Mark and I mooking

Mook levelers and reference lines being poured

After the levelers dried for a few hours, we went back and poured
the rest of the mook and ran a 2X4 over the levelers to smooth
out the mook.  This created the floor.

The completed Temple of Syrinx La Mooktorium from the inside before the
floor was poured

The completed Temple of Syrinx La Mooktorium from the outside

Our group photo before we left Rosa’s

We also poured mook throughout Rosa’s entire house, and stuccoed her walls with it.  This effectively replaced all inside existing adobe surfaces with concrete – a much cleaner and sturdier building material than adobe.

Rosa’s living conditions improved dramatically over the last 10 days, and as soon as the next team comes in and finishes where we left off, she will begin a new and better chapter in her life.