Moving and housekeeping and the full team assembles

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                Wednesday morning was spent moving all the supplies and equipment in storage from Maynor’s office, the “ranch”, and Sam’s storage building to the hospital.  We also had to move some of the hospital equipment out of the clinic room, carrying the two dental chairs from their hospital storage location.  Do you care to guess the weight of a dentist chair?  The answer is VERY HEAVY.  
                 All the surfaces were disinfected with wipes.  After Randy, Charlie, Karen, and Erin arrived and had lunch and returned to the hospital to set out all the supplies and made ready for the first of our patients Thursday morning.   It may have appeared to be mass chaos but Karen, Erin, Charlie, and Randy—with some able assistance from Patty—made the clinic just about ready for operation with the exception of the mobile dental unit.   
                 We interrupted our work to visit the Wednesday feeding at Tejeras.  Our traveling dental team always enjoys assisting in the feeding.  Once again, some Aiken friends sent a large duffel bag of clothing for distribution to the children.
                After returning to the ranch to clean up, Charlie and Randy went back to the dental clinic to finish preparing the “MASH” unit.  Allen and Gail returned from Santa Clara after attending a meeting of the Advisory Board of the White Dove multi-language school.
                The entire “clan” gathered for dinner and fellowship. 
              Once again, the uploading of pictures to the blog was not sucessful; however a full file of all unedited photos is available at: