Musings from the Front Porch of the Villa

Deedee has been given blog duty again…. This is what I get for traveling with all men!  Michael Norton and Tom Britt are already in bed and Mark Reville is out somewhere causing havoc with Pablo and Daniel!

Thanks to Tommy Thompson for the email correcting my spelling errors (in a very kind manor)!!!  I thought about correcting them and then realized; perhaps it is best if everyone sees that we are here in this beautiful country filled with kind and generous people, trying to make a difference and do God’s work.  Sometimes we make mistakes; but it is best to laugh and move on with the project at hand.  Hopefully our Spanish will improve with time and hearts will remain as focused as ever!

I was just blessed with a visit from Roxanne.  She joined me on the porch of the villa for a little girl talk.  The weather is cool and the chairs very comfortable.  It is truly a beautiful night.  I just wish that the geckos would go away!  They do freak me out a little!  Perhaps not quite as much as the scorpion that I just killed in the bathroom….

Anyway, another long, but GREAT day.  The team started out at Nuevo Esperanza.  We met with our old friend Sonya and several of the healthcare workers, a representative form the Catholic Church, Pastor Henry Vasquez if the Church of God and members of the Patronado.  Sonya did share that her son Marco is currently doing an internship at Pepsi in San Pedro Sula.  The updated us on how things are progressing in their village and we discussed their needs for 2015.  Afterwards, we were treated to doughnuts and coffee!

The team next visited Laguna Del Carmen.  It was great to see the kitchen completed by the Honduras Agape Foundation in 2013.  The sign thanking HAF looked great!!  Most of the 2015 requests today were for school supplies, bibles and curriculum for Sunday School class.  They also need a scale for newborns and a few more medical supplies.  Finally, the President of the Patronado, Rene Laurios gave us a tour of the new kindergarten building.  His daughter is the teacher.  He asked that we consider 15 desks for the kindergarten and 40 for the school.

Our last visit today was at Tierra Amarilla.  Honduras Agape Foundation has not partnered with this village in the past.  We met Jorge Peña is friends with Sonya and heard about us through her.  He reached out Maynor and asked that we visit his school.  The village has 33 homes at 24 kids in grades 1-6.  I was most impressed with Jorge and the people of Tierra Amarilla.  He had a typed presentation complete with photos.  He had his resume and a listing of all of the officers of the Patronado. We did not arrive until 4:00; but the children were still there waiting on us.  They had prepared a special song and had made posters.

Jorge started a community trash pick up program complete with each student have small trash bin on their desk. The community has not received food for the students in 2 months, so they have been eating bananas and yucca. He plans to have chickens next year for the eggs.  He told me in English that the community is excellent and that he loves his work!

Jorge asked for school supplies, a wipe board, a kitchen (the mothers cook the food at home and bring it to the school) and some improvements to the water tank.

We left Tierra Amarilla late in the afternoon.  It was already growing dark on the mountain.  We were given pineapples and bananas from the people of the village and notes and artwork from the students.

The team ended the day with another fabulous dinner courtesy of Saundra and Gloria (fish, rice, vegetables and ice cream!!) Yum!

By the way……….. the prodigal son has returned…. Mark is back from a visit to the Jernandez home where he joined them in a family birthday celebration.  He has made it incredibly hard to finish the last 2 paragraphs!!



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