One day in.

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Hola friends, family, and various other blog-stalkers!

I will preface this post by assuring you all that we arrived in Quimistan safely this afternoon. Our team, Karen and Ron Livingston, Kristen and Josh, Mike Lambert and myself, left bright and early this morning for our flight out of Atlanta. Everything went smoothly through check-in and none of us were detained for suspicious baggage. We arrived in San Pedro Sula right on time at 11:30 and managed to get all of our luggage without much hassle. Maynor and some other guys loaded the trunks onto the top of a busito and stuffed the rest into the back with us. The whole deal was rather precarious looking but we managed well. (That’s kind of a pun, because in Spanish manejar means to drive and to manage.) Anyhow, we picked up Pamela, our translator, at a gas station on the way out of the city.

To our delight lunch was waiting for us when we arrived at Martha’s. After eating, we went to the hardware store in search of Bio Sand Filter parts and then on to the wood shop. We were amazed by the great price, prompt service, and dedication to quality. I got to see the little deaf girl, Britani, I met last year at the carpenter’s place. Unfortunately she didn’t seem to remember me and I couldn’t explain anything to her because of course she couldn’t hear. I’m sure she was more than a little confused.
After that we returned to the house and played a version of the card game, Spoons, which in this case was more like Slim Jims. Some of us played basketball for awhile before we ate. I saw an iguana. Then we ate. Then Mr. Livingston took us to Shirley’s for (soda) drinks. They didn’t have ice cream, sadly, and I’m sure we all felt a little abandoned. Tomorrow we take off for Teo, which I’m not even going to attempt to spell. Pray that our medical brigade and water testing go well. And to all a good night.